Hi buddies, you know,just now i am on seventh heaven.I would love to let you know that guys, i am a papa now!! i don’t think you guys need me to explain how i became one. Reproduction chapter in biology has been always difficult for me..πŸ™‚

Hey i am just eager. Very eager to tell you about my kid. She is just three days old. God! she haven’t had her first bath yet.The dirty doctor gave some medical reasons. Ho ho..got to wait for one more day. Nevertheless she is lovely. I love her a lot..

Friends, after much deliberation i have chosen her a name.I know,its bit long. But i am a great fan of bollywood movies. Kuch kuch hota hai,muje kuch kuch hota hai,muje kuch hua hai to tuje kya hai. They are all long too (actually, for the records, some of the movies has not been released. Please don’t ask me much about them)πŸ™‚. Ok, let me come back to where i started. Sometimes i go over board. I named her,my lovely kid as “open up!its time to express”!!!. I want you guys tell me how it is. Do i need to change it?. But i think she is very proud of her name. Whenever i call her by her name she just opens up.Jesus, she is so lovely…

But friends, there is something very important about my kid that i want to share it with you. That..it happened on her birth that should not have been happened. She lost her mother!. Now she has no one but me. I know, i cant give her all the love myself. But i love her. I cant let her miss anything in her life. And that’s why i am here. Begging for your love. I want you to be her friend,mother,uncle,aunt,brother,teacher,whatever role you love to take. Teach her all that she needs, all that you can. Give her that for which she will be grateful to you for her whole life…your love….i know,you wont disappoint me. Love you buddies..

(It is just to say that,i am not a good writer(i am a new kid on the block(blog!)). But i wish you will make me one by your suggestions,comments,your criticism etc etc.. I am here because i think i can make you a bit happy through my writings. I will be really satisfied even if your happiness lasts for a few seconds because i am sure that day by day i can make it longer. I assure you that i will give you my best. All i request is your love for my kid. I promise you that she is lovely and you will love her too….)

here for you..