It’s time to present my first article. Guys, it’s not easy. It’s just not easy to do this. It’s a general rule that the first one needs to be good, very good. One of my classmate who happens to be a girl wrote in my autograph book ”you will never get a second chance to make a good first impression”. It’s true dear, very true (actually my first impression had never been good with any girl. Girls in my class had started hating me by that time. I feel sorry for them and bad for myself. Through this I just want to say sorry to all them. Dear girls, give me a chance to punish myself, by the way which coffee day you want me to take you to..🙂). So for the last few days (after my introductory post) i was searching for the best topic, best article to begin with. But everything ended in vain. I never began. After all this is what I learnt for myself that I was just trying to be a perfectionist which was a bad idea. A really bad idea… Example: trying to be a perfectionist on a wedding night is still more a bad idea!:-)

So let me tell you why it is. Just think that you got married today. Today is your wedding night. Hey you, started dreaming already! (I think you got few more years to get into all that). If it is a love marriage you might have had the chance to understand her well. But I don’t think it would help you because I don’t think you would have had a chance to speak what she would love on a wedding night. And if it is an arranged marriage then it is a doom day for you. The battle gets tougher🙂

Hey even though I am beating around the bush, I am trying to make a point here. On that special night you are just, and just an anxious, insecure lover🙂. If you try to be perfectionist (I mean if you think you can make her happy all the way, surely you are the loser.). So guys, this person ‘the perfectionist’ never existed on this planet. So instead of trying to be a perfectionist what we can do is to run towards perfection. Of course it is a long journey but every step counts here. So just think doing your best. This only can bring the best in you. And I call this as ‘trying to be perfect, ending up winning’. What do you say….

Before concluding i just wanted to say that yesterday was our second day of college fest”technieks”. There was a funny song for which our guys danced. It went like this.. tommy tommy nammane nayi churuku andre churuku sada bogultane iruthe idra bayi harku🙂 Don’t forget to leave your comment..

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Today’s thought: An arrow that hits the bull’s eye is the result of hundreds of misses.