We all feel proud while filling up our educational qualifications. B.E., B Sc., MBA etc.. (ond kala ithu. Maga engineering odtha idane andre saku, mane munde henn kodoke queue nitkoltha idru!. Kala enu tumba badlagilla. Eeglu kooda nammane munde queue nitkondirthare. Adhre…. bus hathoke aste🙂). But have you ever wondered how sacred is education?. If not, don’t worry. I will let u know. I got this beautiful quote from my pocket book. Here i present it for you fellows..

Education is an companion that no misfortune can depress,

No crime can destroy,

No enemy can alienate (alienate: cause to feel isolated),

No despotism (despot: a ruler who exercises absolute power especially in a cruel or oppressive way) can enslave.

At home, a friend;

Abroad an introduction;

In society an ornament;

In solitude a solace (solace:consolation in time of distress).

It chastens the vice,

It guides virtue,

It lends at once grace and government to genius.

Without it what is man?
A splendid slave, a reasoning savage
(savage:primitive and uncivilized).

Be proud of yourself. You have got something that when you realize it’s worth, can do wonders for you.

Here for you..
It’s ash🙂

Today’s love quote: A man loses his sense of direction after four drinks; A woman loses hers after four kisses🙂