a finger touch.. let me tell you how i did this..its bit funny. Yesterday i wanted a break, feeling bored of reading.

Took my mixing pallet. Wanted to try something new. So no brushes. Dipped my fingers in the paint. First red, then blue. and then green, yellow and so on..and then it happened. I heard footsteps, then music and i saw this girl dressed in so colorful colours. She danced and danced until i fell for her πŸ™‚ ok, enough bluffing.

But it was real fun doing this. Hey i want you to have that fun. Go. Spend some 300 bucks and buy a new hobby!. Dont worry if you have forgotten painting or even if you have not painted till now. Actually the last time i did a painting was some 7 or 8 years ago, when i was in 8th standard. Even though i continued doing pencil sketches and portrait drawing, i never tried to paint. I would always say to myself that ‘you are a worst painter’. But this summer i wanted to give a try. Even though i was facing shortage in my pocket money, i spent whatever i had in my hand.

But now i am happy. Money should never matter too much in life. What matters is satisfaction. These new hobbies give you that. killing your time just chatting, messaging, scrapping, orkuting, seeing movies, bad movies, tv, IPL will never give you that satisfaction. Because Everyone does that. These things doesnt test your ability, your patience, your skill etc.. So friends, take your time, think about it. If you don’t cultivate this hobbies now itself, on one bad evening of the life when you look back all you may find is a void, null, empty. Don’t let that happen. Go for a new hobby. Let it be anything good. Skating, swimming, learning musical instrument, painting, blogging etc etc.. Got it?

here for you,

its ash πŸ™‚