I am happy that my ‘blog stats’ widget shows 500 clicks. I want to enjoy this little success.

You have spared your precious time to care for this one and a half month baby. She is very grateful to you.. i thank you all for visiting. Though i am find it difficult to cope with my academic schedule, i am taking time to present you something i feel is good. I assure you that i will present you the best i can, in the coming days. Visit again and if you like my article please send the link to your friends..

One more thing. Express yourself. In your life, if you want to get something that You desire, you need to express. Whatever it may be. Even a baby knows that. You got to learn that friend… It’s important, very important..

bell is not a bell

until someone rings it

song is not a song

until someone sings it

don’t hide your feeling

because it is not a feeling


( here i would like to thank chinni (chethan) for sending me these beautiful lines. Thank you very much chethan)

I am saying this here because though my blog stats shows 500 clicks, the no of comments i have got is just 20 odd. If you dont like the article please say that. If you want me to write something you find interesting, something serious that needs to be discussed about, mention that. I will be very happy to come up with such an article.

On this occasion, I am presenting you an opportunity to express here:

We live in a society, ya, so called “civilized society“. This civilized society has never been fair to the human form of life classified into the gender ‘female’.

Leave all that we’ve studied in our books, the bias towards the girl child and other stuff.

Take this… She travels in a bus and this rascal comes there. He plays every of stupid game to touch her, to feel her. He sits next to her, on her whole journey she never gets herself a second to feel comfortable, to take fresh breath of air. Leave the thought of getting some sleep, she thinks it next to impossible.

She walks on the footpath. Again this bastard makes his presence surely felt. He gives her a bump, and believe it or not one of my friends has had to get the imprint of a cigarette butt on her hand!!. Wow! Sure, we have come so far from those naked marching ancestors. Too far i think.. Salute to the civilized world.

And dont ask me about the harassment she faces just because she uses a mobile.. I really feel sorry for those girls. So we made it sure that WE ARE LIVING IN A CIVILIZED SOCIETY!!

So friend, the girl i mentioned here may be you yourself, may be your sister, your friend, cousin etc.. I want you to share some of your experiences. they may be which you yourself have faced, or heard from your sister, your friend…. I want you to write here how insecure you have felt, how bad you have felt and then how did you to get off that person. If you did something to teach him a lesson..or if anyone had helped you in those occasions.

If you can give some tips to solve these problems, you are most welcome here..( if you think you got problems in revealing your identity then i say you need not.)

Please spare your time to share it with all. It will help all those who are getting harassed by the uncultured pigs of this society…


here for you..

it’s ash