I was on my way towards Macho’s men’s parlor. I had a date and I had to make sure that I don’t look like this man Macho (I really don’t know his name. so, I call him Macho). This man remembers me one of the extinguished species on the earth…..Veerappan! (I called veerappan a species because, he is better to be classified so. He has lived his entire life under the shadow of thick trees, living and also ‘dealing with the animals’ 🙂). His long hair and thick moustache makes him the man ‘Macho’. But I respect him for his work. He makes other men look smart. I too was looking smart. She said so… 🙂

After that brief encounter with Macho, I was on my way back to hostel. As I made my way, I could see thick bushes grown on the side of the road. From distance I could see three small girls playing near the bushes. They were trying to catch something. As I killed the distance by time, I was just amazed by the way they used to catch those beautiful butterflies. I could no longer keep my lips intact. I smiled heartily after those many torturing days (that is my final year project saga. I will explain it once to you). Oh! Didn’t I tell you what it was?. Ok  take this.

The kids had a flower in their hand. It was plucked from the same bushes. When the titali sits somewhere one would go near, and hold the flower near the ground thinking that the butterfly would come and sit on that flower believing that it is one more beautiful flower!!!.:-)

I just loved their innocence. As I moved on, I was happy that, I too was innocent once….

We all were kids once. We have done such things in our childhood. Many things we might have forgotten. But whatever we remember they are all wonderful memories to remember and to share them. If you have got one worth sharing please write down here..let us all be kids again…

Many might have visited the blog to see nothing new written in it. Pardon me. This final year project has become a hell for us. Next time you visit, i will assure you that you will see a nice article..

here for you…

its ash 🙂