The truth, more or less universal to the cultures throughout the world is that: the womb to the birth of their civilizations was…. a river. Yellow river drainage basin is considered as the birth place of Chinese nation and the cradle of Chinese civilization. This river was called a mother river of the Chinese nation, not only in the writings of poems but in the hearts of the people. Egypt was called ‘the gift of Nile‘.

Rivers were considered as resources and there had been many political rivalries among nations, regions on sharing of water. They still determine the way of life of a major chunk of world’s population.

Rivers are considered sacred, holy. This river, Jordan, is one of the most sacred rivers in the world. It’s a river in South East Asia and runs into the Dead sea. In the Bible it is referred to as the source of fertility to a large plain, called on account of its luxuriant vegetation, ‘the garden of God‘.

River Thames in London and the river Seine in Paris have been converted into the waterways of city’s life. The city Denizens celebrate these little rivers by letting off environmental friendly toy-ducks in summer and picnicking on the banks of the river. Thames is liquid history said British politician John Burns. This is how these countries treat their rivers though the rivers run through the thick jungles of cement and bricks. These are some of the pictures i could find. See them before going into the crux of the article…

This is the river Thames that runs through the heart of London….

river seine that makes paris baeautiful…

Ya, they are beautiful. Now, let me take you back from Paris to our loved homeland. This is the treatment we provide for the rivers which are being called sacred in Indian mythology, the rivers which were believed to clean us off our sins with a single dip in them. Ganga and its tribitary Yamuna that sluggishly moves through Delhi is the countries biggest sewer. Our sins are never ending it seems…🙂

This is river Mithi, which during its short run, winds through Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum, as well as Mumbai’s glittering Bandra Curla comlex. It was once an angler’s paradise and with all our genuine efforts all the fishermen can catch are oil drums and plastic waste….

river Musi at the heart of Hyderabad…

This is..drain(sorry, it is no more a river) Vrushabhavathi and the drain i have seen and experienced its nose blasting,mind-blowing(in literal sense of the word) smell. The way a river has been treated speaks a lot about the people living in the land where it flows. And i feel sorry for the careless Bangalorians who are so self-absorbed and self-centred.

Why can’t we Indians do what a British or a Roman does?. Why do we just throw the wastes wherever we feel?. Why do we smoke in public and be nuisance to others?. Why do we spit in public?. Why can’t we just keep the chocolate papers in our pockets till we find a USE ME bin?. Why can’t Vrushabhavathi be a Thames or a Seine…Why can’t Vrushabhavathi ever be the ‘Pride of bangalooru’?. Any answers? 🙂

( i was inspired to write this article after reading a similar one from the magazine ‘THE WEEK’)

Here for you..

Its ash. 🙂