Dost..i feel like writing to you…have you got time to read ?

Life goes on and on. But the difference matters. My life has pulled new strings but, the music…tastes bitter.

My days are never boring. Since I don’t get time to be bored!. My nights are cool (and it has to be, after 10 to 12 hours of dumping my body and mind into making dumpers). You know, I will never be disturbed in my sleep by the shouts, intolerable drum beatings on the doors, metal chairs etc, and moans of the b‘day baby that rhythmically used to shoot up when each one of us gave our part of bumps. I will never get cold because of 12 o clock city beats, late night ice creams. I will never be tired on long  journeys. Life is so comfortable…😦


I come to my room, Try to take a nap-that never works. I try to paint, but colors look dull. I remember Mallika Sheravat singing in murder- jindagi is tarah se lagane lagi.. ( but she too fails to shoot me up 🙂). I think of writing something for my loved blog- it seems like starting it all over again. I get exhausted trying to write something good. I try to read my recently brought novels-but then I realize that I have no exams, no internals to worry for. After that they too don’t seem to be  something to go through 🙂


I sit alone. I don’t want to go to my past. I feel like screwing her who said ‘student life is golden life’ ( i dont know who said it. aise bakwas bolne wali koi ladki hi hogi na 🙂). But In these freaking times that statement seems soooo true!! .


My English sir used to say this- “The past pain is pleasure and the past pleasure is pain”. I remember my days. More of pleasure that brings a kind of pain.I have spent almost 11 years of my life living with my friends. From my days in residential school to engineering hostel life, I was more like a relative to my own family. You know me better than any of my family members. Suddenly dost, you seem lost . I know, you are busy. Suddenly life has become so serious. Job has become so important. We don’t have time to speak to each other, better not speak about spending some time together.


Dost …Is this a way of life? Was this our dream? Those lines from dil dosti etc..’ when you are young, you feel that the possibilities are endless’ teases me again and again dude. Isn’t it true that we have stopped dreaming? that life looks so settled to dream anything more.??  Then, according to ‘dil dosti’ are we already aged? Does the world really include us into the group that sounds so great, so ‘young’?


Ok.. leave all that. Are you happy? Don’t you miss something? Do we really need to pay the cost of friendship, togetherness to this freaking job? Why cant we manage life, job and still…get together to fight for the birthday cake? To ride on our mischiefs? to go on zero worry long long ride? A lunch together?

IT IS POSSIBLE DOST. Let us not lose each other in this meaningless race of life. I’m sure you will mind to reply?


Keep smiling…missing you guys

Yours truly,

Dost 🙂