Some memories never fade.  Even through the winds of change  in one’s life and even through the times of maturity. They are like stump of a rose plant. When left uncared, it turns black outside. As you scratch, it shows the signs of a green life that breathes inside.

The Time Machine’ by H G Wells was not a stupid thing. I travel with his time machine to go back 12 years in time within fraction of a second. I find myself wearing a red chaddi that almost showed my thin thighs, a red and white lined shirt as my uniform with no shoes and no ties,  my mom combing my hair holding me tight, in a bid to stop me from running to my school.

It was already late. It was 8:30. It was late, not that my school would start. It was the time ‘she’ used to come 🙂. With garden full of lovely flowers on her short skirt that would  blossom only in my small heart (I thought so! Who knew, how many buggers thought the same way! So mean of them, isn’t it?🙂)


I was the sole (!) topper  in my small village school.  And none of the guys and gals dared to think of competing with me..! Poor chaps!

But, kahani mein twist!! She showed the signs of being my competitor. And I liked it, I loved it- intelligent, cute, city returned (🙂), short skirt waali. Tell me, who would not like it? And what’s wrong even if I was just 10 years old, a class five student, I was in a deep crush!!. Within very less time she became my childhood sweetheart.

And this is the story of a day in my school. And the special thing of that day was known only when,  that day my teacher announced to all girls to bring a rakhi while coming to school the next day. For  we were going to celebrate first rakshabandan in our school. Never knew for what good reason it was celebrated, I went to sleep after my homework- my play.

On that special day…. It was time for prayer and it is when my teacher asked girls if they have brought rakhis. The single word answer was, YES SIR. So it was time. He asked us to stand in pairs so that they could tie the only rakhi that they had brought.

So there was chaos all around. More than that there was more chaos inside me. Where is she? My heart jumped. I ran through the crowd. Ran….to…..find her!!

With no idea why someone would tie a rakhi, I wanted to stand in front of her. I wanted her, and only her to tie me the rakhi! With a fear that some other (stupid) bugger like me would go and stand in front of her, I ran to find her.

Finally I found her. Happy I was that no one dared (!) to stand in front of her. So all pairs matched. It was time to tie, and….she did!!! 😦

And… her response went over ten times my expectation. what she would say…she said- “Bring 5 Rs tomorrow, it is not free” 🙂.

That was the story of my first rakshabandan!!

Later, I understood the sacred thought behind the celebration. And through the years a lot many rakshabandan came and went. It has always been a difficult day for me. I never allowed anyone to tie the sacred thread to my hand…And still, I have not paid her 5 Rs back. And I promise you , one day I will.. 🙂

keep smiling :-), comment and express yourself…