If you good guys n gals can scratch your rusty dusty heads I will make you remember something that happened few months earlier and got enough TV hype, debates and then useless enquiry commissions.

It is none other than the infamous Mangalore pub attack where young girls where attacked by activists of an organization called Sri Rama Sene.

The man wanted for such an act was Mr. Mutalik who looks no less than the monkey god Hanuman with his never smiling swollen face. The explanation for the attack was that the girls had violated traditional Indian culture.

Well done Mutalik bhai. Finally there is someone who could save our traditional Indian culture. You seem to be no less than a messiah of Lord Ram. But one minute. I am little bit confused bhai. I have read Ramayan and additionally Mahabharath also. But I have not read anywhere anyone beating a girl like that. Leave all that. Those are big issues. Let us deal first with silly ones. Ready? ,  good.

Few questions to you Mutalik bhai. Have you read anything about Rama staring at Seetha in a way to scare her? Then why have you not raised a word about the pain of a girl of 12 to a women of 40 being stared like that everyday and everywhere she goes? When did that got entry into our culture?

And next here comes my important question to you Mr. Mutalik bhai. For 1 million dollar! Nothing less than a question of  Such Ka Samna. And better money also. 🙂

So here is my question. Where on earth Shri Ram or Krishna or Arjun or even the villain Duryodhan or Dushyasshan pissed in public? 🙂 Then why do I see so many shameless buggers open up on busy footpaths without even a hint of a care to the passing by women?

Is there a structure in India which has escaped the smell of urinals in its surroundings? Can you name a single school, hospital, play ground or a temple?

And is this what we say to our tourist? That we are all shameless buggers. That when it comes to attending this natures call, we are not limited by space and time! Incredible India! Ha!

There is a simple message I want to convey you Mr. Mutalik bhai. Culture is not stagnant. It goes on adding things as a river does. There are other important things to worry for. People like you have made my country like this where I would dare to piss, rather not…kiss 🙂

So boys, let us find a remote place to open up.

But don’t forget to open your heart and comment here. No restrictions for that…

keep smiling..

its ash 🙂