It was a cake walk for the few, ‘try again’ for the hopeful & hard times for the remaining. It was the time of campus recruitments.

      The air was tense. Welcoming banners changed day by day. May be, not the entire banner but just the company name in it.

 The big fishermen (mass recruiters) were the beginners. Unmindful of the kind (branch) of fish, their motto was clear. ‘Make a good catch (in numbers), if you can’t eat them all once, store them in aquariums (bench strength, to be shown to potential customers), feed them, take them out only when the need arises’.

Few fishes had choice. The jumped out of the (loop-) holes (dream offers as part of the placement policy – a second chance to get placed in the dream company) in the nets, swam to so called safe heavens. Those who could not jump, accepted their destiny.

 Life began. Honeymoon went well. Getting screwed was also good then. Once the honeymoon got over, the company started showing only moon (by the time we left our company, hoping to see sun was a foolish thought). Far from mom, still no wife to care, with handful of money but with no knowledge to use it wisely, the dream of a happy life started getting blurred. The environment around looked so strange as if, you have been taken over night in a plane and thrown to a place where you don’t Belong.!

 If you feel little bit what I am saying here.. guys! wake up!. Think. Life is no better than a spider. If you stay rustic in a place for long, the life lays a strong web of responsibilities and commitments around you.

 So before getting entangled in a life that is frustrating, unsatisfying, get out now before the bond around you gets stronger & stronger.  When you chose what you chose, you might have been influenced by the environment to do so, getting a job or a good job was the only motto. But to live an entire life with the nuisances of a job that doesn’t make you love your life would be dangerous.

   I use the word ‘dangerous’ because, each & every individual has got something called ‘passion’. When he follows his heart or his passion, he excels, finds satisfaction  and happiness of his life.

 There is a world out there where you still can live your passion. May be, the way out looks tough, but only that can give you a fulfilling, happy life. It’s time to think about it before it proves to be too late. Good Luck. Cheers to life