I had four questions to myself.

Q 1: What happens after I die?

Ans: I don’t know.

Q 2: What happens after I sleep?

Ans: I don’t know.

Q 3: Then what is the difference between sleep & death?

Ans: I think the only difference is that death is a continuous sleep and sleep is an intermittent death.

God gives us a new life everyday we are fortunate to open our eyes into. But we don’t live that new life. We get dogged down by the after effects of the previous life.

Q 4: Why can’t I lead a new life everyday? Is it because I can’t forget what happened yesterday or the day before?

Ans: I think it is because we are not in search of a new life. A new sunrise that I haven’t seen for years, a new friend I haven’t made for months, a new challenge I haven’t dared, a new hobby that I have only kept thinking of, a new love  in the midst a forgotten book, a new help for an old person on the street… a new life altogether. Then I should die today.

 And I should have a new sunrise, a new friend and a new love for life tomorrow…

That’s life. Die everyday to wake up for a new life tomorrow.