To my respected sir,

Shri. Shaju Joseph

When ‘silence!’ was the signboard that hanged all over, you asked us to speak. When chemical equilibrium, pulse modulations, differential equations haunted our dreams, you taught us life & manners. Even after ten years after my schooling if I am able to write anything sensible you are the motivation behind. Sir, I write you with more than just respect, with love.

In my tenth year I was excited that I could read English. I learnt to write ABCD in my 5th standard like all kannada medium government school students. That same year my English teacher Ms. Kamakshi gave a 100/100 in my final exam. Sir, you taught us what a sincere appreciation can do over a criticism. I don’t know if I wrote so well to get a mark like that but it was sure that I had developed a love for the language. That gesture was like a bubble in the barren land.

Sir, I still remember that day in my 10th standard. You had pasted my essay on the class room wall for everyone to see. Even with lot of red ink corrections I was proud that day. You wanted everyone in the class to see the way idioms & phrases were used in that essay. Dear Sir, The fire that you lit in me that day is still burning in me.

Sir, I am a guy with varied dreams & passions. For me life means contribution & I want to be remembered for that even after I vanish from this world.

You were the unseen courage behind me to start a blog and write what my heart feels like. Now with all that motivation & strength I have set on a voyage- to finish of a novel that I have kept dreaming for almost 2 years. A novel on my wonderful & unforgettable experiences, friendship, love, hatred & everything I went through in my seven years of my Navodayan life.

I wish I will have your blessings, wishes & blessings of my friends & family . I pray to god that I will have that faith in myself with which I have started till the end of the journey.

Sir, I will end this letter with a thought on ‘luck’I still remember which you wrote on the black board of school entrance.

He worked by day

And toiled by night


He gave up play

And much delight


Dry books he read

New things to learn


And forged ahead

Success to earn


He plodded on

With faith & pluck


And when he won

They called it luck