I joined my guitar classes a year back. I attended some 10 classes over a month and then just discontinued. It’s not that I didn’t have the required passion to learn. I really loved to play guitar. But the classes happened to be little monotonous except for the happiness it brought for what I was learning.

 Then after a year I again went and rejoined my class. This time I promised myself that I won’t do the mistake that I committed a year back. I did my best to get up at 5:15 in the morning and ride my yellow beauty to Gokulam and stop near the board “J B musicals”.  Even though the atmosphere seemed to be the same, I tried to involve myself in pulling the right string & the right chord. I didn’t find anyone speaking to the person sitting on the next chair. There was no interaction. I tried to smile at few & got replied with cold stares. That’s it, I thought. Let it continue to be cloudy. Why the hell I worry about the faces around?

Today was no different other than it was a holiday on the eve of Kannada Rajyothsava. Yes, it was no different until I found this girl who happened to stumble into my class because of the changed schedule. She was beautiful, but that is not the issue that I am speaking here. She had something more beautiful than that. Yes, the warmth of her smile.

A smile is the doorway to the opening of heart. I smiled back. We spoke & she happened to be from the same college where I did my engineering. She was 2 years junior to me though from a different branch. We tried  the relevant chord, struggled at F major & played a few songs together.

At the end of the class I questioned her, ‘ Why do girls learn guitar?’.

She replied, ‘It is because I wanted to play guitar.’

I said, ‘What I meant is, one of the motivation for boys to learn guitar is to impress girls & if each & every girl learns guitar, where is the motivation for all of us?’

She burst into laughter.

After the class I realized that I thoroughly enjoyed learning today. And the reason was non-mistakably this girl- her name is Bindu.

So, until it really comes to an end, we are all on a endless journey. Every day we see people around in different avatars, polite hotel boys, arrogant auto drivers, talkative vegetable vendors, old beggars, young engineers, sweet looking girls etc. We see them, we travel with them, we pass them, we buy & we sell. Do we really do anything more than that?

Do we interact? Do we show a little more interest in knowing them? Do we at least exchange warm smiles? If we ever did, life on this planet would have been wonderful to live. Probably it wouldn’t have been so boring or challenging.

So it is just to say that whenever you get an opportunity, try to smile, try to know people.  May it be on a journey or during the morning jog hours or even when you sit in the public rest room? When you know more people around it becomes easier for you to contact them when you are in a difficult situation or when you struggled to find contacts when you want to apply for a new job, or find a new house etc.

As I repeat, smile is the doorway to another’s heart. Just open your heart & smile. Let us make this life simpler.  🙂 In the mean time, I would like to thank Bindu for motivating me to write this article and helping me on my ‘mission impression’  🙂

cheers. open up! ya, it’s time to express 🙂