Am in tears by the time I finish this article. Today is children’s day. A day dedicated to children, to celebrate childhood & to promote awareness on children’s welfare.  Sadly, for a child who died mysteriously in the car parked in front of the residence of BJP state President Nitin Gadkari on May 19, 2009, justice is still undone. Is there a meaning in celebrating children’s day when such atrocities are carried against a 7 year old child and still after two years not even a single person is brought to book?

What is more shocking is that the entire police system of Maharashtra has tried to turn the whole case into an accidental death. There are some shocking revelations found from the information revealed from the papers filed under RTI act by the victim’s family and shared with The Hindu.

Firstly, when the spot punchnama was carried out on a white Honda CRV used by Gadkari’s family and where the body of Yogitha was found dead, the police has changed the make & colour of the car to a brown Fiat Linea owned by Sudhir Dive, MD of a company owned by Gadkari. The police have not collected the finger prints from the car and have not even questioned Gadkari on this till now.

Secondly, the CID in its closure report said that Yogitha died of suffocation after getting into a car with a faulty locking system. If common sense works out, how does the car get locked after the child gets into an unlocked car and die of suffocation?

Thirdly how did the bruises come on her face, arms, & thighs if she died of suffocation? As headlined by The Hindu the investigation is riddled with holes. Chemical analysis reports of Yogitha say that she had nine surface injuries on her private parts, forehead, lips & abrasions on her right forearm & knee. With all these how the cause of death can be stated as ‘smothering’ and manner of death as homicidal or accidental?

This is the painful statement of Vimal Thakre, the mother of Yogitha, “her eyes were open and she looked as if she had seen something horrible. There were nail marks on her forehead. I tried to review her with water but she was bleeding and her mouth was full of blood. When I took her home, my husband came to carry her and his shirt was covered with blood. What did my child do to deserve this fate? She was young and full of life. I want justice. My daughter did not die a natural death. She had blood on her body and her private parts. I want to know who did this heinous act. I don’t want money”.

She works as a home maid and she is on medication for high blood pressure & has become very thin. Yogitha’s 18 year old sister Kiran, is spearheading the fight for justice to her sister. The family has suffered in the last two years, her mother losing some of her household work and her family made to move to a two room leaky house.

Can the whole system go so insensitive? Can the CID be completely controlled because the name of a high profile politician is involved in it? I am ashamed that in the worlds largest democracy the voice of a poor family fighting for justice can go so deaf blinded.

Friends, later this week, a Magistrate’s court will have a final hearing on closing this case. If it goes the CID way, this heinous crime on an innocent seven year old girl will be termed as just accidental. There by, the fight for justice from a poor family will go in the drain. Come on people, can you just close your eyes when a 7 year old child is raped & murdered? Can you close your ears when the judgement says that it was just an accidental case? Yogitha is not just one case. Yogitha is not just someone’s daughter. She is our kid, our society’s kid. And let’s come forward to prove that our society is not so inhuman to keep quiet when such shameful incident is happening.

If you can’t light a candle & protest for justice for Yogitha, do your bit this way. Share it on your networking sites, support for the justice. If networking sites like facebook(thanks to Mark Zuckerberg) can help bring freedom to a Arab nation itself, it can definitely play a role in bringing justice to this kid, Yogitha. Do your bit on this children’s day. Let’s see that justice is done to Yogitha. Let’s make sure that such crimes won’t be tolerated in society like ours.

Please come forward, do your bit. It can go a long way in bringing justice for Yogitha. Let’s celebrate this children’s day in a more meaningful way.