I was about to slip into the depth of darkness when my cell phone shone brightly. There was a message. It read, ‘A lie doesn’t end a relationship.. Usually truth does..!! Gudnite..sleep tight 24 Nov. 2011 11:36PM ’. Sometimes a message intended to wish a sound sleep can disturb its motto by itself. Yes, it disturbed me. It disturbed me because it was true!

We are social beings. A well organised society is what distinguishes us from dogs & other denizens. Even before we understand, we are tangled by relationships. As we grow, the links in the chain grow. Any broken link has the ability to diminish the strength of the chain.

Blood relationships are the gift to us from the almighty. They are the strongest links in the chain. More secure the blood relationships; stronger is a person in his decisions.

All other relationships a person gets into are the outcome of the extent of cooperation he extends. Whatever the name by which it is defined- friend, girlfriend, a wife, a brother, and an uncle – every relationship demands a lot. A lot of cooperation in terms of patience, forgiveness, selfless caring & sharing amidst once own desires, hopes & goals. Many people fail to understand this and get into troubled relationships again & again. Now, does truth really ends a relationship when a lie doesn’t? There can be a debate.

If you ask me, truth can end a relationship but can’t lead a relationship to its end. Truth is just the last nail on the coffin. Truth be said, truth can save a relationship, if one dares to spell it out when it is demanded. And truth be said, truth is the strongest weapon in a righteous man’s arsenal. Only he triumphs who holds on to the sharp edges of truth through the strong currents of life’s nonsense.

But can a lie end a relationship? It can’t, but definitely it can lead to an end. I say, a lie is nothing more than a toothless, poisonous snake. It can’t bite anyone to his instant death. It slowly spreads its venom. A lie is just a veil of saving, a shadow to hide behind. On some unexpected day, the wind of truth blows away the veil of lie, a light of truth vanishes the shadow of lie. That moment ends the relationship which you always blindly thought would never end.

Never lie in a relationship. It’s bitchy to lie. Be truthful even when you are encountered with the toughest questions. We are here to make mistakes. We learn from our mistakes. But being truthful about your mistakes saves your valued relationship. It saves a lot of pain.

Open up! It’s time to express.

It’s ash here.. 🙂