A new year

A new hope

A new resolution

A new life altogether


To begin anew, end the past

A meaningful end.

Make time, take time.

Don’t hesitate, scratch.

Through the buried pages of spent year.


Touch on the crests

Before the troughs

Do not get struck in the lows

Do not feel sad

No life is perfect without passing through imperfection

No stone is a magnificent statue until imperfections are hammered out

If failure is a mistake, learn from it

Would you be a fool to fail the same way again?


Put down the cap, count the feathers

Let feathers not turn into wings

And you not be carried away.

Success is always a sweet memory

A motivation to the future

Save it, open it time and again

Whenever life dumps you on the bumpy road


Count the steps climbed.

Plan for a new high

Take a new resolution.

A strong oath

The steps ahead are endless

What you achieve in life, is what you wish for

Only when the steps are planned                                


Respect the people you were fortunate to meet

Remember t he moments you were blessed to spend

Bury the rusty hatchet, love with a pure heart.


As Steve Jobs said

The dots are going to connect somewhere down the road

Do not scratch your head

All you get is strands of hair

Just do what you love or love what you do


Gone year or the new year

Life is always complicated, uncertain

It gives you all

It screws you down

Bother not, life is still wonderful


Wish you all a very pleasant, happy, happening new year


Without wax