When I travelled in a Bangalore bound train few months back, I met a guy who hailed from Andra Pradesh. After the initial talk, I asked about him about the Telangana issue. It wasn’t very strange of me to ask him that question because that was the time when Telangana issue was boiling over. There was wide spread violence & blood on the streets, on the grounds of Osmania university.

I suppose if I travel to any other state now, and on such an encounter, I will be posed with a question either on Yedyurappa or the shameless porngate issue. I am ashamed to be a part of state which elected such morons to the state assembly to rule upon us, bring laws, and bring changes in the lives of the state’s people.

It was the first time ever I cast a vote. And that vote went to Mr. Sadananda Gowda during the MP elections. I felt the importance & price of every vote and the responsibility that lies with each individual when to my pleasant surprise Mr. Sadananda Gowda replaced B S Yedyurappa as the Karnataka’s 29th Chief Minister. Much to the relief of the people of the state.

The first BJP government in the state has done a complete mockery of voters belief in them. The recent porngate scandal, where three ministers watched sleaze, porn clips during a heated assembly session is the last thing the people of Karnataka wanted their elected representatives to make mockery of. What a shame! I wish the people of Karnataka won’t be foolish again to ever elect a BJP government in the state.

Really, what a shame! The sex scandals circling around the BJP ministers. Can we forget case of Haratalu Halappa, ex-minister for Food & civil supplies allegedly raping the wife of his friend? Can we forget the case of the funny, drunkard Excise minister Renukacharya accused of raping a Nurse? Can we ever forget the boiling National shame of this Porngate scandal? I am really ashamed to be a part of all this Mr. Ministers. You guys have put our state’s name into stinking gutter.

And can we still bear Mr. B S Yedyurappa making news trying to shamelessly get back his C M gaddi. It looked really funny when even Ms Mayawati extensively used B S Yeddi’s name to blast BJP in her election speech. Mr Yeddi, you have become immortal yaar. You have even spoiled whatever goodwill BJP gained during the times of Shri. Atal Bihari Vajapayee.

And what is this guys?  Isn’t this porngate scandal the mockery of the last bit of respect we had on our elected representatives? We speak a lot about our constitution. Isn’t the same constitutional aspects that are leading us to elect such ministers to rule us? Do we need some changes here? Is it the problem with the constitution? Is it the problem with the people? Why do we have so many morons in Parliament and state assemblies? Why people who have failed even to pass their SSLC, PUC exams are in the sacred place of assembly and Parliament? Do we need this system? Does the elite bureaucracy should have more powers than the ministers? Or even that system is rotten? Do we have a solution to this system stinking of corruption, sex scandals, black money, red-tapism etc etc & etc???