1 + 1+1=3, is what we learnt in schools. But here the sum remained the same and only the adding constants varied. Commendable(Debut) direction+ Dhanush’s and shruthi haasan’s till date best performance+ Anirudh’s(Debut) foot tapping music= 3. The ‘why this kolaveri’ fame 3 has hit the screen this week and has lived up to its expectations.

           Yes, ‘3’ is a movie that has formed out of the union of some of the best talents in kollywood. What is more fascinating is that you will never feel that the movie is directed by some novice hands. The first half flows perfectly entertaining you, chilling your bones and warming your heart with the chemistry between the leads.

The story is beautifully carved out. It starts with a death scene which succeeds in keeping you guessing till the most part of the movie. A silver spoon school going boy falls in love with a girl from a middle class family. The love at first sight-follow-propose-romance is done with élan. Some interesting characters, like the sister of female lead Janani(Shruthi Haasan) and friend(Sivakarthikeyan) of the male lead Ram(Dhanush) who tickle your funny bones at times are to watch for.

The second half mostly deals with the turn of events due to the mania-phobia sequences of bi-polar disorder affected lead. The spoil sport it plays with the happily wed, romantic life of Ram & Janani which ends in heart rending sequences is what sums up the second half.

Some may complaint that second half is difficult to watch. But as far as I am concerned, I don’t think with a different story line like this the plot could have been any better.

I rate the movie 8 out of 10 . As said, Dhanush and Shruthi have given their career best acting. Also you will not miss to appreciate Sundar’s performance as Ram’s all season friend in need. Anirudh with his debut music direction has promised a lot. He tasted success before the movie release with the ‘kolaveri’ song. Other songs have really come out very well with sound effect contribution from Oscar winning Resul Pookutty. I think this talented boy will make India proud at the International stage one day.

As it happened with Gajini, this movie may catch the eye of the perfectionist Amir Khan and I soon expect a remake with Amir touch.

Go for it, for its superb performances, heart warming music and of course for a one in a kind of story line.