She asked me “what would you like as a New Year gift?”

“Gift me a hobby” I told.

She might have pondered over the options.

Finally on a Sunday she travelled a stretch of 150 kms carrying a big box with her.

I was impressed.  That day I smiled for two reasons.

For the difficulty she had taken to see a smile on my face.

Another reason was I could not understand what hobby it would make me inculcate.

May be fishing I thought! She had a round fish bowl in her hand.

Living in a city I could not exploit the option of going and fishing in a Lake. So, I brought few fishes from the nearby aquarium.

The vendor at the aquarium frowned by the expression I had on my face when he charged 50 bucks for the fish which was smaller than a grape fruit and I was very sure it would never grow bigger than that in its lifetime.

So the in the following months, I practiced fishing with the small net that accompanied the accessories. But for the records,  I used that fishing net more often to remove the dead fish than to catch the alive ones.

I never thought 3 or four fishes can change the colour of the water within 4 t o 5 days. I wondered then what would be the case of rivers and seas. So, I had to change the water, clean the bowl, the inside colourful stones, the artificial plants. So cleaning became a hobby.

 I wasn’t ok with the bowl and I had to shift its position to the lonely lane in my backyard after one and a half year for the following reasons.

–         Fishes died more often. It was painful see a fish dead and then to take out and through it out

–         Whenever a fish died, I felt that my imaginary bowl of sins is fast filling. So, if my sins crosses a limit I would go to hell and definitely my punishment will be to swim in a small bowl continuously.  ( and I was more afraid because I was still a L Board when it came to swimming)

–         After one and a half year, considering the consequences of the happenings, the mere scene of the bowl would lead to a small current that would disturb the tranquillity of the inner pond.


But yesterday, when I returned from work, I was shocked to see the bowl in its original place with 3 fishes making rounds inside. I had no apprehension that this would be the work of my roomie. Since,  he never did great when it came to cleaning room, or the bathroom I really doubted if he would take the time, take the pain to clean the dusty bowl, stones and go few miles to bring the fishes.

And I too doubted the chances of the bowl cleaning itself and fishes falling into it from the sky. So, I had to call him finally to know it was his great job.

I had to ask myself, ‘why?’ Why the things that made their painful departure would find ways to come back and create the currents again….