The whiteboard in my room reads just one line. “Every moment wasted, for whatever reason, however repented later, can’t be lived again – Ash”. It’s not the words of any remarkable personality. I wrote it myself. I wrote it because I realized its practicality and more importantly its necessity in my own life.

        Life needs to be lived in moments, not in days or even in hours. Never hope for any future event or for any person to bring you happiness. Expectations are never short of more expectations. And more expectations do always bring pain.

Similarly, never allow any happenings of the past spoil your present for too long. Don’t keep brooding over an incident and spoil the moment to be lived. There is no Re-live option in life. So just live.

 Life lived in the present or in the moment in the best dignified way is truly THE LIFE.

Do not hope for the future, do not grumble the past. Cheer Up to the Moment. Say cheers to life. Life is beautiful.