Do you believe in destiny? I do. That’s what I told her. That’s what I believed myself. We are destined to meet people. Joining the pieces of the events that lead to a meeting like these, shows that, if a single piece would have missed, most probably, we would have never met them for the lifetime.

I was supposed to travel back on Sunday night from my hometown. I called up my department head and got a day’s leave. So, the travel plan got postponed to Monday. So that’s how the journey began.

I was very much hungry by the time the bus stopped at Hassan for lunch break at 2:30 PM.  As I could not leave my bag which contained my laptop, I asked the girl who was sitting behind me.

‘Are you travelling to Mysore?’

She nodded.

‘Can you just take care of my bag by the time I finish my lunch and come?’

She nodded again.

There wasn’t much time. I got down and rushed to the hotel and ordered at the counter.

‘One fried rice madam’

A young girl sat at the table with spectacles hiding most of her nose.

Quickly I finished. The fried rice tasted good.

I hurried to the bus which was already started. As the seats were filled I had to sit next to this girl.

Her name, as I later found out was Abhilasha.

She had quite pretty face. With her nose ringed, she looked quite attractive too.

As the wheels started to burn the rubber, I got to know that she was from Koppa, doing her BSc second year at Maharani’s college in Mysore. So this was Abhilasha, a girl with interest in maths, planning to do her Majors in maths and be a Lecturer some day.

I was pleased to know that she wanted to pursue teaching as her career as I believed it to be the one of the noblest job one can do. And I told her that, after some ten years if I get bored of my work, I will come to you asking for her recommendation to get me a teaching Job. So push my remaining years of life as a teacher!

So that’s how it began, the next three hours we spoke continuously. She had lost her father. She had a very loving brother. Her friend’s complained her that she talks too much.

She asked my cast and I refused to answer. I told her that I never liked to be identified with any cast. She told that she was a Brahmin. And when I asked her if she would marry only a Brahmin boy, she made faces.

The one old person who was talking too much was identified as my father in law. The next batch of green sari clad girls were my would bees! She was going on and on.

I told her about my family, my studies, my work, my hobbies. I gave her my blog link. I showed her the photos of the temple I visited the last day. I told her about my village and its greenery. So, the time passed and I was close to my stop.

Just before that, one question started doing rounds in my head. Should I ask her not? Is it ok or not?

Finally I thought why not! What’s wrong in asking her number? We could be friends. As I said earlier, we are destined to meet people. And if we don’t dare to go that one step further, we may never meet them again!

That’s how I have got some good friends. I destined to meet Divya, my very reliable friend in the Gymnasium where she worked as a Dietician. I was destined to meet Bindu at the guitar class, who kept alarm at 12 o clock to make sure that she wishes me on my birthday when most of my so called school time friend’s even didn’t bother to do the whole day. Though I complain to this ‘cute dimple in her cheeks girl’ that she has cocooned in her own world, I am happy that I have her as my friend. So, I thought I would not hesitate to ask this girl. And moreover, the way we had spent the last three hours, I was positive that she wouldn’t refuse and embarrass me.


cute friend bindu..

And I asked her. ‘I am going to get down at the third stop. If it doesn’t bother you, can I add your good name in my phone?

And she straightaway refused to my pretty embarrassment! She told, if we are destined to meet, we will meet again. Anyway we both live in the same city!

In the evening I explained my brother the happenings of the day. He suggested, girls never give their phone numbers directly and I should have offered to leave my number instead. Then he started explaining about his own experience with a girl from Sweden in flight on his way back from Bombay. Blah! Blah! Blah! I thought



my sweet, reliable friend divya

In the end, I somehow could not understand the way it ended! Who could tell me what went wrong!! Can you?