People say time is the most precious gift one can give. As a blogger, I give my time to write something. Something on my lucid thoughts which may give you a few minutes of break, a long thought to drive on, words to wander with and few lines to feel that feeling all again.

  Every effort meets its meaningful end when it is rewarded in suitable means. For a blogger, whatever he writes is his effort, comments are his rewards. Comments are thought provoking, morale boosting. Sometimes I feel humbled by some of them. And sometimes it feels blessed to hear something like that. Today, I am here with three comments which meant a lot for me.

The first one was in my mail. It was from a friend’s friend.

This guy is an amazing writer.

Every line has its zeal.

They all come alive.


Kudos to him.

Really a very neat humble and honest portray of himself and his emotions.

Tell him that a new name is added in his fan list for his writing.




Sandeep T C

“Life Is SO Beautiful, Don’t waste it by being Unhappy!!!! “


The second one was a comment on my blog.

Divya says:

April 24, 2012 at 1:43 pm  (Edit)

And u Bade Badmaash, phir se ladki pataana shuru kardi huh!!!  Go ahead,
Ash, I must say – You are that precious pearl of the mighty ocean who is blessed with such a talent to express your feelings so poetically like the waves of the ocean in its different moods & emotions… God bless u. & thanks for considering me as your sweet friend.


Third one was sent to my mobile.

U r blessed…U were not destined to tangle yo life in a meaningless relation. U r born for a cause, n t journey begins from now. Identify the cause n work on it..


Thank you all for the love. What more one can expect in a day..