Tonight, there were attempts to give the emotions a new dimension. I could hear deep breaths, long sighs. I found myself twisting in my seat. The same was the position with my friend seating next to me. We were at the weekend show of Titanic 3D.

  We rode back. I could sense the feelings that churned in the back seat. We had grown up together, from innocence to maturity. I always tell him that, a relation that grows from the time when we were innocent comes with a tag of purity. Yes, that was the reason for the wonder we felt whenever one spoke about the feeling that would have been silently passing through the other. Tonight our feelings were similar. And tonight, our hearts were heavy.

           I compare a man’s heart to a shallow pond. Whatever buried inside doesn’t ask for much to rise to the helm. There are lot of things that can touch its depth and disturb the ambience. You just pour a half bottle of whisky to it, that’s enough! When the whisky settles down, everything else is thrown out!

 A man can’t hide too many things. There isn’t enough space for deep secrets. That’s why he doesn’t stack too many things in his heart. He speaks out often. He clears himself to one or to the other. As he can be disturbed easily, he can let himself settle easily too.

I am scared of the next thing I want to discuss. A woman’s heart!

 A woman’s heart is an ocean of deep secrets; a line goes in the movie Titanic. No genius in the world has explored the contents of this deep ocean. Only fools like me had a chance to make it to certain extent. But I think I can’t boast myself of understanding more than even 40%!

 When one such ocean hides the pieces of the failed voyage of the mighty Titanic, I wonder what all it carries in its true depth! Yes, secrets are the buzzword of a women’s heart. Some sent so deep that it is never revealed in her lifetime. More you try understanding it, the more depth you traverse, less sure you are to return!

And what an experience it was to watch Titanic in 3D. It certainly gives one more dimension to your emotions. And what a genius James Cameroon is. God might have created Cameroon next only to him!

         Go. Don’t miss a chance to find that new dimension. Don’t miss that chance to get wet in the waters of that pure love and departure.