Gulmohar,  May flower

Any idea how beautiful you are?


In your full bloom

You blossom

 To watch you, it’s a treat.

So many eyes show no retreat.


Don’t stand on that lonely street

And be axed into someone’s feast.

As you are so good,

I hear, gods are thinking of changing their abode.


They called you Gul-Mohr

As your show of colour is nothing less to SPECTACULAR.

 I call you Beauty of the streets

My heart is in for the mystical world you create.


For you to know: The scientists named it Delonix regia and classified it under the family Fabaceae. It is noted for its flamboyant display of flowers. In English it is named Royal Poinciana.

 We called it Gul-Mohr, ‘Gul’ meaning flower and ‘Mohr’- for the extraordinary show of colour like the tail of a ‘peacock’.