I cried, it was my only way to say NO.

Yet, he pulled me out.

I didn’t want to come.

For I didn’t want to get divided.


Even before my eyes failed to open to the world’s light

I was divided.

Into a caste, a religion.

I didn’t want to answer that question.

What caste you are?

Nor I wanted to follow a religion.

Until I knew who was Alla, Jesus or Ganesha.


I didn’t want be divided

Into a region and a nation.

I don’t want to be called a Malayali or a Bengali

Nor a Madrasi or a Northy.

I don’t want to be treated to be an American or an African.

Not to be called a white or a colored.



Divide me for what I am

Call me an artist, a poet

An engineer or a doctor

 A scientist or whatever I am

Divide me for what I am

And with what passion I have lived for


Not for what my father was

Not for where I was born

Not for what colour I am.


I don’t mind what my father was

I don’t mind where I was born

I don’t mind what colour I am


My destiny is my free will to decide

My girl is my choice to choose

My god is my belief to pray


Don’t put barriers

Don’t draw the lines of division

Let there be a free world

Free of boundaries.

Free of cast, creed, religion, and nation.