The cloud of confusion between sleeplessness and hangover still has a dark shadow under it. The sands of the beaches still make that sandy feel inside the fresh clothes. The tanned skin stood witness to the relentless sun that ruled the Goa skies. The sour taste of tequila shots lingers like the flame lingers on to the candle ( the candle that gives me light on this powerless night standing tall on the same tequila glass :-))

Unlike that every wave that kisses the shore for a short time before its hurried retreat, the ‘Goa’n days will be remembered for long. When my friend asked me, ‘how was goa’, I replied to her- “fifteen school buddies, the snake like turns of the train on the scenic and amazing tracks of the Konkan railways, ‘Theen patti’ games on the way, the beaches, a game of football on the shores of kallangoot, 15 bed spacious Casa German homestay, night disco, booze, night out ‘teen patti’ accompanied by shots of tequila, Aguda fort, aquarium, crazy photo shoots, sea food, the humour, the collected memories of school days, and the sweetness of invaluable friendship sweetened more by the Dharwad Peda! That’s about the Goa trip…”

There are moments…Beginning of them was a moment for myself, learning to play ‘teen patti’, Amya clearing three bottles of Pint in empty stomach, the game of football played after years ( the enthu was unimaginable; Sharli went close to recording a goal when the whole of B section legends failed to clear one) , the evening beach side time spent with digu watching the gigantic sea and its antics wondering about that missing emotional churn or the adrenaline rush that used to happen to our soft hearts, questioning ourselves if the life’s experiences are making us tougher from inside, explaining him the reasons for the previous weeks sad moments, and together feeling lost over the most confusing years of our lives, the exorbitant cost in that permanent tattoo shop, the missed beach night, the next day masala packed explanation of that night’s sexual escapades of the foreign couple, the clean waters of Arambol beach, my catch of a Stingray! (dead and washed on to the shores), the shameless photo shoot of tommy and team 🙂, the taste of sea food with squid and tommy’s ‘’still virgin’’ stories! The disappointing cruz time, the first time experience of tequila shots with night out heated ‘ teen patti’ game. The uncontrollable pair of Pummy and Kanti, the after effects of Kanti’s five tequila shots, Tommy’s plan to fetch for third bottle of tequila at 1:30 in the morning (my refusal fearing a repeat of sequences in the movie; Hangover!  Where in during the drunken misadventures in Las Vegas, the dentist picks his own tooth and marries a stripper overnight and the whole bunch search for their missing to-be-wed buddy whom they finally find on the terrace of their own hotel room). Kiru’s shopping rush to gift something for his would-be 🙂 and the team with him missing other two places, the lovely view of Aguda fort with ‘putties’, the sexy doll on the outside theme park of the aquarium, the rain, the uncounted bottles of Bacardi breezer with five or six different flavors, the heat of wine bottles, the sour tastes of shaken beer, and finally the return train journey….

Though a missing feeling still hovered around, I decided to leave the thoughts on the salty waters of Goa’s beaches…it might be saltier by now 🙂 The beauty of the lakes and the freshness of sweet water seems to be calling… 🙂 And I am back in search of the sweetest of them all…..