She lived in a valley called Swat 

Hailed as ‘Jannad’

The land of gods

The paradise on earth.

It was indeed a paradise

Surrounded by lush green hills

Filled with blue green mountain waters

There was beauty combined with peace.



Turned into a land of romance

People spent some of their best moments of life.


The demons made their way

Through shots of guns

The Talibans.

The blue green waters changed their colours

Blood red

The pure waters bled blood.


The beauty of the land remained intact

The virginity was lost

Gift of speech still breathed

Under the mask of silence

Freedom still walked

In the narrow lanes filled with darkness

Expressions got redefined

Under the frenzy of fanaticism.


She still lived with eyes full of dreams

With wounded heart

With an innocent wish to go to school

To get educated

And when there was a dream of light

She shook of the mighty demons from her mind

With all courage she lived it.

She gave voice to her dreams

And let the world know the pain of suppression.


 The demons showed their brutality

A bullet into the brains of a 14 year old

But again she won

Shaking the world by her will to live.

Her will to bring peace into the valley.


The world prayed

And the prayers have been answered

Malala, the angel of peace will get her wings again

Get well soon

The world needs you

And more brave hearts like you.