Silence, the unfettered seconds

Of a muttering soul.

The effortless escape

Of a sinking bubble.

The lifeless fall

Of a lamenting leaf.

The maverick moments

Of a societal clone.


Silence, the well defined

Road to a god above.

But the undefined path

To the god within.


Silence, the harshest weapon

On a loved one.

The mutest acceptance

To a sour truth.

The sweetest celebration

Of the dusted memoir.

The warmest embrace

To the troubling present.


Silence, A soothing friend

On a monotonous day.

A guiding hand

To a questioning future.

An answering machine

For an asking soul.


Yet, moments of silence

The grains of sand

Tightening the hold

Slips through the same fingers…

The enigma of silence….