Can we Indians, ever dream of a ‘Swatchh Bharath’? I keep asking, can we really have our schools, colleges, hospitals, temples, cities, villages, free of filth &am; dirt? Can our cities ever come closer to how they look in countries like UK, US , Singapore? Can ever that insensitive nerve in all us Indians, start to have a flow to feel a pinch whenever we find places turned dirty by our unhindered ignorance?

A topic that never found importance at even local level political stages has got a National call. The able and our beloved Prime Minister has given a call for a ‘Swatchh Bharath’. Truly committed, the Prime Minister of the biggest Democracy in the world didn’t feel ashamed to discuss about the filth piled up in his homeland with the President of the United States of America. When the Prime Minister himself is not ashamed of cleaning the dirt, are we ashamed of picking up a piece of waste side by the road? If so, it is pathetic, pseudo ego that we are wandering with.

A thunderous call has reverberated across the thickest of the forests. The ants have started gathering. Somewhere in the heart of the jungle some ants have started moving up the dead flies. But there are foul smelling, disease spreading pig carcasses out there lying unattended. Will so many ants ever find the self pull to come out their colonies and move out those foul smelling carcases??

We are a country with population of 1.27 billion. We definitely have enough people who can motivate themselves and even others to come out. We are seeing that healthy beginning as schools, colleges, NGO’s, and companies are organizing cleanliness drives. Is that enough? Or just cleaning will suffice the dream to come true?  That’s a straight ‘NO’.

As we have enough people who can stop being ashamed of cleaning ‘our abode’, we also have multiple times the count of people who keep on polishing their ignorance at the cost of darkening the health of the ‘no body’s places,’ taking care of which  is ‘somebody else’s’ responsibility. So, how much will u clean, when someone throws something into a place where u strived to clean the day before?

So what do we do? When someone throws waste in front of us, what do we do? Let’s not do what we did for ages, that is to keep quiet! Let’s think and do something. If u ask me, I will say, let’s just shoot them! Not with a gun, but with a question. Let’s ask, Sir, why don’t u put that waste into the dust bin, instead of throwing it on the floor? Let’s ask this to a friend first and then to a stranger next.

Unless we question or rather start to question, we can’t live that dream of a ‘Swatch Bharath’ in our living times. And we will not feel to question, until we become sensitive enough that it pinches us straight in the heart when someone puts up a public display of his ignorance for clean & healthy surroundings.

Let’s start to dream a day in our lives when we can keep our head high and our heart with pride, when a foreigner wanders around our cities admiring the beauty of our rich culture mixed with that scent of a fresh, clean air. That will be the day we put meaning into the words, “Atithi Devo Bhav’.