Undoubtedly, the most bugging period of a man’s life is when he is in between 25 to 30 years of age! There are enough reasons to substantiate. I think, the most hair loss in a man’s life also happens in this period!!

It is a period of confusion, uncertainty, hanging on a weakening rope-that’s called hope, commitments, helplessness, pressures, dreams turning itself into reality and screaming into your ears, ‘hosh me aa ja beta!’

It is a time when your mom has stopped treating you as a kid-though the aura of her love still hovers around- starts believing that its time that you are married and start worrying about your own kid. It seems as some kind of brainwashing under the supervision of a society that looks nothing less than the brainwashing techniques of the powerful Islamic state(ISIS). Your elder siblings are the commander in chiefs and the neighbors are the policy advisers!

It’s a time when you are not at all a teen, and doubtfully ‘young’. You want the kid next door to call you ‘anna’ but non apologetically he calls you, ‘uncle’. You wish if you could pinch him on the butts, but you find his mother smirking at you as if she had already caught you with your wrong intentions.

It’s time when you start staring at your mirror and think how could it deceive you by not showing you the changes in you. It’s when you painfully start with a fruit diet and curse the office hours not allowing you to hit the gym.

It’s a time when the efforts of your life flowing into the mould are already started solidifying, at which, you are not very sure if that was the mould through which you really want your life to shape into! That is when you wish if the clock had stopped for some time and gave you time to rethink, re-route your efforts into what you really want to be in life rather what you are going to be!

It’s a time when you are all out of infatuations, crushes, heartbreaks, and still nurture that green shoots of love deep within your heart.

It’s a time when your classmate calls after years together and you definitely know it’s an invitation for marriage! The changed status on fb, invitation card on your watsapp, and the shared pictures seems to be teasing your still single status! But that is when you find solace in the words, ‘marriage is like a creeper entangling your one leg while its offshoot, the children, is holding the other’.

It’s a time that you wonder, ‘hey, when was the last time I had a dream in my sleep?’ and wish that it doesn’t matter even with catching a nightmare!

It’s a time when every Tom, Dick & Harry on your road, asks about your marriage as if that is the most important thing that they are worried at the moment. You really wish that the man stops at that than start advising you on the right and wrong age of marriage!

It’s a time when you are irritated looking at the messages of your bank, and wonder how come the balance is neither moving up nor down. It’s a time when you start acknowledging that the company you are working is definitely paying you cheap!

It’s a time when you find difficult to spend time for your favorite sport, visit your favorite spot, write down few beautiful lines, and paint a sketch in your mind. It’s when you sit down and wonder why the clock is ticking so fast these days!

It’s a time when your girlfriend starts making you realize what all you are missing than what all you are having. It’s when you start really interested in understanding inflation, the skyrocketing costs of land, house and all other commodities and stop on the way to know from the vegetable vendor, the cost of 1 kg onion!

It’s a period that you very well know that it is going to decide how you are going to spend the next 50 years of your life. The society bugs you with its own expectations against what really you are to yourself. It’s a balancing act rather than your own wishes

Still, what is important is the understanding that every phase of life is unique in its experiences and one need to strive hard to carve out a life of his own and it’s never too late to do that. But what is more important is that we enjoy every life’s moments in its challenges and difficulties and make the outcomes special by forming better relations, beautiful bonding, and by spreading love and happiness.

Without Wax