Oh learned wise men,

Why are you yet to see the light?


You called them the untouchables

The men, who toiled on the land

Bruises in their hands &

Sweat on their forehead


They muddied their hands to feed you

And you labelled them impure

Tell me oh learned wise men

When both of you are born in the same womb

How come you only come out as pure?


For centuries, you hit him on the knee

You threw peanuts for his work

You dishonoured his women

You looked down on his community

You made rules, you drew lines

You cast them as outcasts

You even denigrated them as untouchables


The world was inventing towards bettering lives

You invented symbols of division

On your bodies, in your names, in the labour you do

Divisions put us through 200 years of slavery,

Still, you brandish the glory in these symbols


You made us fall short on the road laid

By our founding fathers

In the 21st century,

Mocking our democratic ethos

You vote your caste

When asked to cast your vote

In an institution of higher learning

You sacrifice young minds on the altar of a casteist society


Many great souls have walked on this land

Buddha, Jina, Ashoka, Akbar, Harsha, Shankara

What have we learnt oh learned wise men?

Why do you still toe into Manu’s lines of divisions?


For centuries, you have been learning

Still why your minds are muddled with darkness

Isn’t that a impure body is easy to clean

Rather than a impure, ignorant, narrow mind


Isn’t it the time we did penance for centuries of sins?

In the name of Varna & Jathi, in the name of sacred laws

Isn’t it the time to emerge out of the darkness that surrounds us?

Isn’t it the time we start being untouched by these narrow thoughts?

Isn’t it the time we celebrated as children of one god?

Isn’t it the time we broke the barriers and unite as humans?

Isn’t it the time we held each other’s hands

And forgot our world of differences?

If not now, when, oh my learned wise men?


Without Wax