Silent shores, where my heart is

Calming down violent oceans where my mind was

Musical waves, where my ear is

Hushing up drumming beats where my thought was


Wet sands on the skin

Sign of bare foots on the shores

Seal of your hold in my hand

We deal the bond for a life


The draped skies of a setting sun

Splashing journey with myriad colours

The never ending ocean holds witness

For a never ending trust even if sun is in absence


Miles we walk

Hurdles we cross

Bridges we build

Each other we reach


Trust we behold

Moments we create

Spices we add

Laughter we cook

Fights we lose

Patch up we win


Perfection you bring to that dream

I always dreamt a ‘life to be

And my love, you made me know,

Happily ever after is not just in stories

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