Ma, the umbilical cord connected you and me

You fed me your food

You shared me your blood


You brought me into a shape

Inside your safe heaven

From mere blood and flesh

Rather, from just a single cell


You went through a lot ma

As I grew up

I made tiny movements

With my tiny hands & legs

I even kicked u in my sleep

But still you found happiness in your pain


I don’t know why I wanted to come out

But I cried ma

When he cut me from you

In my rush to see the world,

I gave you a world of pain as I came out


I pestered you throughout my childhood

You fed me, u cleaned me

You sang me lullabies

You taught me to walk

You taught me to speak

You were the world to me


When darkness frightened me

You sat by my side till I fell asleep

When I was running with a temperature

You kept awake the whole night

In every bit that was to be shared

You always took the last bite


You balanced a complete family

A work till late evening, a husband,

A mother in law, children

Everyone had complaints

But ma, like the mother earth

Silently you went through everything satisfying everyone



However independent I grew from you

You still always thought about my well being

Even when you were a thousand miles away

You had nightmares when I was under some stress

I thought I was cut off from you ma

But I think I will never be


Ma, you are so special

How I could never write about you?

I wrote so much on love

But ma, can any of that ever match yours?

Ma, I am so indebted in your love

And how I think, I can repay you ever?


When I was a child, I used to be so happy

When I could bring a smile on your face

For all the difficulties you went through

I have always tried to bring a meaning to that

Though I will never be able to repay you

I will be striving ma, to make you more proud

To keep that smile, always on your face..


Your’s loving son..