India Daily Life

The bereaved earth

Cracked open its dried up heart

The wide eyed son of the soil

Wondered over the counted days of delay

Rising mercury looked down

Fearful of its own altitude

Saddened winds wailed the

Burning flames on its own wings

Cradled baby sprouts cried for the

Milk of the Mother Earth

Grumpy coffee plants

Didn’t even smile for a Rajanikanth joke

The pulpy mangoes held high a placard

Say no to ripening

Hiding winged ants grumbled

Over the terrific traffic jam

Grounded water lily

Took to the streets for their upliftment

Clouds complained of the overload

Called for a strike on the last day



The unnerved Majesty

Took his own cooling time

Playing his master tricks of distraction

Mesmerised with his brilliant morning and evening shows

As the uncontrolled clouds swelled on the street

He ordered for silencing the charged up clouds


Marching on the Majesties orders

The cold winds tied up the clouds forcing them to surrender

The Majesty thundered and lightened

Instantly firing the numerous striking clouds

The clouds gave in

And poured out overloaded grievances


The drops moistened the

Barren hearts of the land

The son of the soil

Danced with his muddied bare foot

The scent of the soil

Healed the burnt wings of the winds

The raised up mercury

Had a chilling ride back home

Delivered baby sprouts

Cried out till they were fed

The coffee cherry blossoms

went for a colgate smile even for an Alia joke

The pulpy mangoes now

Didn’t even bother about an early ripening

Winged ants were booked for

Jumping the signal

Water lilies made a beeline

For performing a backstroke

The jobless clouds

Went for a lazy float


The windows hid behind the misty veil

Eavesdropping the romance on a rainy song

Tip tip tip tip

Tip tip tip tip

The first day of the first showers

It was the April showers