The gigantic waves echoed

The myriad tongues that lived beneath

The vastness of blue waters

Mocked the milestones of the human race

The massive mighty mountains

Smirked at the test of time

Looking down from its pinnacle eyes

Furrowed its brow at the trumpets of mankind’s achievements

The colossal calm sky

Thundered an earful at the nuisances of fighting & terrorising each other

The man with his giant leaps in the field of sciences

Is just an atom among the bundle of business in the universe

Earth’s one playful jerk, wind’s one tornado game

Erases the proof of his existence in mere seconds

Man has created chaos in the scheme of cosmos

Wasting time hating, fighting and creating differences

It’s better rather he loved, shared and lived peacefully true to his heart

Before he just disappears at the flash of a lightning