On a fresh fragrant morning, the Bee was on its usual way. Humming a serenade and swaying to its tunes the Bee was in a pleasant mood. Zooming past all the flashing damsels, the bee directly went to the cornered Lily much to the daze of the praised beauties.

The little pretty Lily was perplexed too, ‘how come you are here, I have nothing much to offer you!’ the Lily blushed. 

‘Am sorry, I had been seeing you but I never made time for you. I don’t know, that full of life smile in you pulls me over to you today’, apologetically said the bee.

‘Oh come on, that’s the magic string you pull on everyone here. You are the playboy of this garden, aren’t you?’ winked Lily. ‘I have seen you spending most of your time with the Princess Rose here’ she added.

The Bee was baffled, ‘No no, like everyone you have mistaken me too. You think I only flatter and flirt, take out the nectar & fly away?  Taking out the nectar is my job and I must do it to the survival of my community. It is a mutual act of benefit. I help you in pollination and you help me with the nectar. In between all this, the song & flattery is to just makes the process beautiful for both”

“Now coming to the second part of your question, yes, you are right. I was attracted to the Princess Rose from the first day of my coming here. I have a heart too” the Bee confessed.

‘Then what happened between you two?’ curiously asked Lily. ‘Sorry, if it feels like am intruding into your personal matters’.

‘No no, Princess Rose undoubtedly is the show stopper. But after spending some time with her I came to know that she is the kind of beauty without brains”

‘Why do you say that? Questioned Lily

‘No, she thinks she has escaped the thorns to be what she is now. She even fails to understand what even the thorn was for her. The thorn had protected her all throughout her important growing period against her predators. She is what she is today is just because of the thorns which she fails to understand”

‘Just because of that you decided to move on?’ The Lily stooped low.

‘Dear Lily, see, in the prime times of life we tend to commit mistakes. Always we have to remember that when we had the power to make decisions, the decisions should speak of the character & not the power that one had. In case of  Princess Rose, if beauty is the character that you are trading for yourself, then that is when you start to lose who you really are. If I am not there she can definitely attract someone else. But, when she thinks her own thorn as a flaw, then how are you going to trust her in a relationship?

‘Look, as life’s beautiful moments are always short lived, everyone’s prime times are short lived too. What decisions we made then will always come back to us in proportionate to what character we had showed then.  Princess Rose will start to lose her sheen in some time. She will grow old & her friends will stop visiting her. She will only then realize that beauty is only skin deep and it is the character that really matters’

‘So what is it about me now’ I live the day & vanish by night’ smilingly cautioned the Lily.

‘I won’t mind that. You are the flower of light. You live your life with character. You inspire me & everyone who come around you that however short the life lived may be; it should be of real value & an inspiration to the other’. I would like to spend my time with you rather anyone here’ The Bee kissed Lily & they held each other for a long long time.