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Theme Ride to Pinjarapole Society






An old proverb says, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. For me, necessity is the mother of almost everything in life. Unless something seems necessary I normally won’t venture into it even if it is the norm of the day.

Few months ago, I underwent a meniscectomy in my left knee and my doctor advised for physiotherapy to set things right. After the five day session, the physiotherapist said that I should keep continuing the exercises twice a day. I was sure that I was not going to do it since it involved mostly lying on a bed repeating lifting & folding exercises. Any repetitive things which I don’t enjoy equals to me not doing it at all. Then he had something to add which I could definitely agree.  He said, ‘if you have a bicycle at home, then cycling everyday is all that is required’. So, cycling meant not doing those exercises. So, I was happy about this option. Added to it, I was desperately finding a way to hit the fitness button as the warnings were already appearing in the mirror.

So, I brought a Firefox Target 21D bicycle and I just loved pedalling the beauty every day.  I was waiting for a long ride. The Mysore Cycling Club had 200 & 400 kms in its current itinerary and I doubted if I could endure such a distance in my first rides.

So, when Sharada cycle stores organized a theme based short ride to Pinjarpole Society I was more than ready. As February is considered the month of love, the theme of the ride was to spread love. The Sunday morning ride though was a short one of 15 km, it lived up to its theme.

The Pinjarapole society established in 1938 by erstwhile Maharaja of Mysore, Jayachamaraja Wadiyar takes care of the abandoned and seized cattles on their way to the slaughterhouses. There are around 4500 cattles being taken care by the society, which in itself is a mammoth service. The maintenance is done in a scientific way and the cattle products are used to generate part of the required revenue. We were allowed to feed chapattis to the cattles and we spent some time around before the peddling back to a refreshing breakfast.

It was a nice first group ride. Meeting new people in life is always nice and exciting. The pictures speak the remaining. 🙂

Ash Diaries is the space where I would like to keep open the pages of book of my life. For me, life should be an open book to the maximum possible extent. How much open you can keep yourself depends on how confident you are in what you do, the decisions you take and more than anything how fair are you to yourself.

So, welcome to The Ash Diaries..Dive into the whirlpool of my thoughts, my fears, my complexes, my moments of happiness and altogether my celebration of a gifted life..