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Morning by the lake..

The orange Sun was

Peeling off by himself

The cattle egret perched

On the edge of a lifeless branch

Opened her wings

As a cheerful gesture to his first rays


The first rays, the front runners

In the majesties cavalcade

Lit up the dark and the

Flow less & the flawless waters


The just awake lake

Was breathing smoky white

While the thirsty cold winds

Stole up the surface droplets

The tiny dews too sleepy to fall off

Rolled up into a misty net


The black & beautiful darter

Dressed herself on the go

In her queen size shiny mirrors

But the blue kingfisher

Just meant business from the first go


The breathtaking calmness

Prevailed on the vast serene waters

Promising a great day

Only to those who risked those early chills

And that last bit of lazy sleep


The ironies of India

The world’s cheapest Mars mission

Mangalyaan, is our greatest leap

Yet the tantric lemon lies untouched

On the crossroads

Our cheapest way  

To ward off the biggest evils!


India, the oldest living history

Slogs between two worlds

One racing to be the one

Among the developed

Another willingly living in muck

Of ignorance & blind faith


The names differ

Mathamma, Basivi, Saani, Parvathi

Offered to ‘God’ at four

A girl child, is a public property

Devadasi, still part of ‘our culture’

Are we sure

That ‘sati’ is no more?


Striking down triple talaq

Polygamy, Nikah Halala

Under the scanner

Reforms in Islam

Is a welcome

But the question

That may not strike a right chord

Is the need of reforms

Restricted only to Islam?


Raise a question on casteism

The strong root of ‘cultural’ practices

Devadasi, manual scavenging

And the hundred hidden ones

Bringing them to light

In itself is a service to the society


I laugh at the ignorance

For grandparents of day before yesterday

Caste was their achievement of life

I pity the parents of yesterday

Caste was their route to a better opportunity

But I am ashamed of today’s young

Caste is still attached to their names


Hanging on to a caste

Isn’t a symbol of one’s weakness?

Let’s stand up on our own

Not on the one that we never earned


If education has failed

To destroy the ignorance

God save the Nation of today

And our children of Tomorrow

It’s bliss

‘The words’ store

Put it on display

‘Out of stock!’


As I struggled

To put it on

White and black


It is bliss

With you around

Couldn’t ask for more


Your not so soft hands

Moves around

At an architect’s precision


Setting into order

Creating walls of visuals

Bringing life into a shade of green


I know it’s just a beginning

There is more to come

But my struggle is here to stay

To put it back on stock

At ‘The words’ store


To bump into the right one

May be

All it needs is to

Carefully cross the wrong ones!

Blood on our hands!

I had never read Gauri Lankesh, never knew who M M Kalburgi or Narendra Dabolkar or Govinda Pansare were. Yet, the bone chilling cold blooded murders of these intellectuals pose a grave perception on how as a society the country is sliding fast into a conundrum of chaos & mayhem. With a dream of Digital India on one side, the easy access to internet is shedding its fair skin to reveal the darker layer lying underneath. With an open access to every Tom, Dick & Harry to get his opinion published on an open platform, it is being used to strengthen some dangerous ideologies which finally show up with one such barbarous act of silencing a pen through a gun!

A five minutes reading into the comments to a breaking news on the unregulated social media puts your head in a tizzy. The explosion of uncontrolled expressions on twitter & facebook handles looks nothing less than a virtual war with lots of heat & sound. There is limited space for constructive discussion and unlimited space for trolling, name calling, body shaming, spitting venom, character assassination, taking sides, bringing party politics etc etc. This is insane and when reason vanishes in between an argument, it looks nothing better than two dogs barking at each other. It’s time to stop such shameful behaviour.

In a society, everyone from the lowest strata to the highest is responsible for his behaviour as each ones action contributes to the overall essence of the society. Just spending five minutes to google it out to understand the subject and read some variety of opinion before making a personal opinion public must be the responsibility of every individual.

The world at present is already at a tipping point over ideologies waiting to explode at any moment. Mine and your every expression may be adding fuel to that fire. So, when there is such a heinous act of killing over an ideology that got strengthened over a process of our every day expressions, may be the blood is on our hands too!

Blindly following some ideologies is doing great damage to the society. Even emperor Ashoka the Great didn’t blindly follow a religion like Buddhism. Though he was influenced by Buddhist thoughts, he carved out a dhamma between his spiritual longings and his sense of public responsibility.  So, everyone needs to carve out his own understanding between the ideologies one is subjected to. Just taking sides of a party or an organisation or an ideology on every good or bad thing will not help root out the bad elements that has crept into it and is disastrous to a progressive and dreams of an egalitarian society.

We are the citizens of a great nation with unique values preserved from a history of thousands of years and imbibed permanently in our Constitution. We are brothers and sisters living side by side cherishing the idea of ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ from the Maha Upanishad, which means “the world is one family”. There can be difference of opinion within us and we can definitely be argumentative over such differences but we don’t kill our own brothers and sisters. Now instead of condemning such a gruesome act, if there are celebratory tweets, character assassinations, may be the ground is already set for the next cold blooded murder!

A life is precious and it is blood on our hands too! So, express yourself freely but most importantly, responsibly!

Stories for a life :

Being fair to the women in our lives

It is a well known saying that men are from Mars & women are from Venus! Yes, men & women differ a lot; physically, biologically & psychologically. Understanding of these differences in itself can help solve many of the gender based issues that have been prevailing in our society since ages.

The crux of the differences between a man & a woman is that women can attain motherhood by giving birth to a child which the man cannot. Her physical differences are a part of being equipped to sustain motherhood.  Biologically she undergoes the cycle of menstruation which is a part of preparation for motherhood. Psychological differences are connected with the physical & biological changes she undergoes en route to her motherhood that comes with feeding & caring for the child which is totally dependent on her.

A woman in her lifetime undergoes this additional burden of motherhood but the society has not been fair to her at all. A society bugged by misogyny, for centuries women have been subjected to inhuman practices, taboos & biases. Pushed into a corner, suppressed under the name of tradition, culture & customary laws, she has silently endured all the pain & agony of being women.


Amidst all this, women have come out of their cocoon & have proved that they can excel in every field which the men have held as their bastion for far too long. I think it is high time that we as men did penance for all the injustice & discrimination meted out to our own women. It is time that we did away with the taboos one by one to allow women to live & breathe freely & openly than being pressed & stigmatized by the religious & socio-cultural dogmas.

Menstrual taboo may not be only limited to India, but in 21st century it still stigmatizes the menstruating women as impure. In an era of science & technology why do on earth we still are carrying on with such taboos when menstruation is an important part of the process of creation, the reason for my and your existence. How can that be impure in the first place? In a culture where the first cycle of menstruation is celebrated, isn’t it an irony that the next cycles turn out to be impure.

The shame & apathy related to menstruation has caused lot of damages. It has resulted in a large percentage of girls dropping out of school lacking safe & sanitary facilities. It has prevented parents & teachers from educating the boys and girls regarding the process of menstruation and managing hygiene. It has created lot of inferiority complexes within the minds of women being kept aloof, not allowed to pray, eat and be present in family gatherings. It has led women to endure that uncomfortable feeling, excruciating pain & cramps and still work in offices, colleges, and industries as if everything is as usual and very normal. These women are not really form Venus. They are our own mothers, sisters, friends & companions.

In an era where there are cloud bursts & avalanches of information, it is not fair to pose ignorance and let our own women down to endure the pain, and shame anymore. It is time we discussed & educated about the menstrual cycle as normally as it exactly is. It is time we thought how we start correcting ourselves.

I think Women’s Day is a great way to celebrate the women in our lives. What can be a better gift on the day for the love & color they bring into our lives than in initiating a debate, a consensus for a menstruation day leave- in our institutions & in our work places- letting our women rest for a day from an uncomfortable day of work enduring the pain associated with it.  A menstruation day leave could be a big step towards creation of a pragmatic society which cares & corrects itself from the all the dents inflicted on it from time to time.

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful”, a quote out of Malala Yousafzai, the gritty girl who showed the world that a voice can’t even be silenced by the sound of a gun is a message to all women who need to raise a voice and speak for themselves, for the rights that rightly belongs to them.


without wax




Just above the horizon

The glow was just not to fade

Curtains begin to unfold

For a mystic marvel to behold

The dull pale sky is

Smeared with million colors

A magical beast let loose for its evening walk

Spreads its wings bringing life to the different skies

The weary sun

Slips off into a deep slumber

The planet life finds their cozy nests

As the winter visits their windows for an invite

For the real show of the day

The day dresses herself

Shying at her own ocean mirrored gaze

She prepares herself for a glided slide

Into her beloved nights arms

The hiding glow worms

Long waiting to steal the golden glow

Mark the sparks of their mystic union

Then slowly the world is swept into a sleepy silence

As the master brings the grand curtains down

Be a Bee..

Endure like the sun

Let that fire burn you from deep within

To glow only brighter by the day


Move like the moon

Let the efforts to blacken you stay put

Black clouds are never to stay long

The purity of that milky light remain ever, forever


Learn to be a bee, life is short

Let there be thorns & weeds

Suck the nectar & move on

Spoilt is the time worrying the thorns and weeds


Flow like a river

To touch new miles each day

Never stay long

To be wasted & rusted


Touch like the breeze

Moisten and soothe the hearts

Remain always remembered

For the good, for the lives touched

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