I was the dead earth

Unrelenting thunderous pour

Followed that heartburning summer

Hope of a spring distant

Withering leaves marked the winter


Shivering birds hid the chilly wrath

Cold & dark, heart slowed the beat

Steps stumbled in the path

Down with the falling leaves

Life seemed a dry dream


You marked the spring my love

Flying down with the silver wings

Sunny breeze, warming my naked arms

Pumping up the beat, with a poppy kiss

Clearing the sky, wiping the clouds

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Vernal flowers, dotting the mountain

Orchid blossoms, smiling in the garden

Tutored cuckoo, reciting the merry song

Hare Bells, Olympic National Park

Smoking white, breathing sweet

Flaunting fresh fragrance

Colours, flashing on the faded screen

Bringing life a fresh dream

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Let’s run to that blue mountains

There we build a thatched cottage

Hanging blue bells, ringing always

Smiling blossoms, romance our thoughts


The morning walk

 Heaven’s drops moisten our hearts

The evening talks,

 Lilies kiss our feet

Let’s race in the countryside

Let our shoes sound the slush


That splash of colour

Let never fade

Let me stay

Hopelessly in love with you

And, that spring of love

Let be forever


Without Wax